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THRIVE Health & Wellness is highly informed and educated on ways to improve your health and well-being. You can put your trust in our professional and experienced team.

THRIVE is a comprehensive health and wellness private studio. We strive to provide the best and most complete services to set individuals on the path to optimal health & longevity. All aspects of healthy living are addressed, including an individual’s physical, nutritional, & mental needs


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Exercise prescription: At THRIVE, personalizing your individual journey to optimal health is our number 1 concern. Exercise is one of the top actions one can do to achieve and maintain this optimal health. Exercise programs should be tailored specifically to the individual. With exercise prescription, it goes a step further than typical personal training.


Fitness/ Functional Capacity Evaluation: The exercise physiologist will evaluate your current fitness status with several different protocol options, depending on your current level of fitness and abilities. The results from a combination of several test will be used to calculate functional capacity (level of intensity) and thus the optimal intensity you are able to perform exercise.


Nutritional Evaluation/ Coaching: Having proper nutrition and a wholesome, nourishing diet is a top priority when dealing with your wellness and achieving optimal health. The amount of nutrition information is vast and extensive, and navigating an optimal path for you can be daunting. At THRIVE, we will work with you to understand your personal nutritional needs and health goals. You will be taught how to make gradual changes in your current diet that will not overwhelm or intimidate you. The aim is to incorporate proper nutrition into your life and not simply put you on a diet.


Cooking Classes/ Meal Prep: One of the more intimidating aspects of incorporating healthy nutrition into your life is probably being overwhelmed in the kitchen. When making a healthy lifestyle transition, it is paramount to first and foremost rely on home meal and food preparation. THRIVE offers cooking and meal prep classes to alleviate that anxiety and stress; to help make your personal or family food preparation simple, stress- free, and even fun!


Behavior Modification/ Healthy Lifestyle Coaching: Thrive’s number one goal is to assist you on your path to optimal health and wellness through gradual modifications of current behaviors that could be inconsistent with a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The coaching gives you the necessary direction, motivation, support and confidence to facilitate the vibrant and healthy life that is so desired.


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