Meet Quinn Vovak, Exercise Physiologist

Quinn is an exercise physiologist earning her BS in exercise science through the University of Akron. She is a certified personal trainer, Health and fitness specialist (HFS) and certified exercise specialist (CES) through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Additional to those gold standard certifications, she is also certified to practice as Exercise as Medicine through ACSM and works in conjunction with a client’s doctor(s) to provide supplemental care for disease prevention and/or treatment. Quinn completed a prestigious internship/training program through the world renowned Cleveland clinic in their department of Preventive Cardiology and Rehabilitation. There, she completed over 600 hours working in a clinical setting alongside of doctors, nurses, surgeons, RD’s with specific diseased populations including cardiovascular disease (CVD), CVD prevention, cardiac rehab, diabetes, heart failure (CHF), pulmonary patients, cancer patients, pacemaker/defibrillator patients, metabolic syndrome, hypertensive patients, orthopaedic limitation, adult, senior, youth, etc. She is highly proficient in providing care services to people from any populations because of this experience.


Quinn’s training in nutrition includes her BS which has a nutrition focus. She also has earned an Advanced Nutrition Certification through Fitour and a Holistic Nutritionist Certification through AFPA. She is a self-proclaimed “nutrition junkie” and has read numerous books on the subject as it pertains to overall health and wellness, weight loss, disease prevention, chronic disease treatment, detoxification, etc. She is adept at providing very skilled and personalized nutritional evaluation and guidance to meet and individual’s specific goals and needs.



THRIVE Health and Wellness is dedicated to providing the most advanced care and services that fulfill one’s desire for comprehensive well-being and improved quality of life. We cater to the physical, mental and spiritual aspects in someone’s life to address the person as a whole and promote balance for optimal wellness. We strive to offer personally developed programs pertaining directly to our client’s needs and goals. We want to serve individuals from all walks of life and teach them the importance of a healthy lifestyle for vitality and longevity. We want you to love life as much as we do!


Mission Statement

Our mission at THRIVE is to not only provide you with the most complete and accurate tools for health and wellness, but to ultimately spread our knowledge to reach future generations. We aim to accomplish this by encouraging the sharing of our movement with family and friends to help us promote healthy living and preventative lifestyle. We understand that many disease and chronic health conditions can be prevented or improved through lifestyle intervention and we are aimed at extending this knowledge.

With the uncertain and constantly changing state of health care in our country, we want to set the focus on people taking their health into their own hands. It is much easier and more affordable to prevent problems than to attempt to repair one. This is why we focus on systematically getting and keeping you healthy.

Each and every one of THRIVE’s associates embody this passion for health and wellness. They share in the healthy living as “medicine” mentality and are whole-heartedly dedicated to inspiring all of our clients to adopt and promote this belief. It is through administering the proper tools, techniques, and environment that you will come to fully understand and appreciate this way of life. It is our goal to always incorporate the most advanced and up-to-date practices in our programs. This will be accomplished by mandating annual continuing education courses and encouraging new and advanced certifications for our employees. We also believe in listening to our clients and welcome constant feedback or criticism so we can create the best experience for you. Don’t just live, THRIVE!


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